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Horse Rock Entertainment

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 Since early 2015  we've been bringing the good people of this city the finest live bands that have ever plugged in their electric guitars. Conveniently located downtown, we're in the middle of the newly renovated historical district. But that doesn't mean we can't rock and roll all night long.

It's important to us to keep our tickets reasonably priced. We're waging a war against the middleman markups that so frequently occur in this industry. Come by our ticket office and purchase up to three days prior to show date. You can also purchase tickets the day of the show. Just know that seating is limited, and we can't guarantee availability for more popular acts. Rock music and entertainment in Pittsburgh.


Touring Bands: Contact us via this page or email at horserockentertainment@gmail.com to set up a show or contact us at https://www.facebook.com/horserock1

Upcoming Shows

Live music and Rock Entertainment in Pittsburgh

Local Bands: If interested in any of our upcomming events, booking, promotion, or media attention for your band and/or venue please like us and contact us with your information at horserockentertainment@gmail.com or our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/horserockentertainment